Appointments are available online via Hotdocs, via phone and in person at the reception. 

Patients will be asked about the nature of urgent problems to assist with prioritising the scheduling of their appointment. Our front desk team members obtain this information from the patient to assess the nature and urgency of their problem.

Our practice is currently accepting new patients. 

Waiting times; We try our best to run as close to times as possible, however some people may be more unwell than they thought when booking their appointment and may need more time than they have booked for. The doctors' and staff work hard to get everything back on track when this happens. 

Those that have prior arrangments and cannot wait for the doctor will be charged a "NO SHOW" fee for leaving the appointment as the appointment spot is then wasted.


Appointments are required for results, specialist referrals and prescriptions. Reception can only follow up on things already discussed with the doctor.


Longer consultations

Longer consultations are available: please advise the reception staff if you require extra time.


Telehealth consultations

The doctor will call you for your telehealth appointment when it is time for the appointment. Due to in-person appointments and other workloads the doctor can occasionally fall behind on patients' phone calls. The doctor will call you at the earliest they are able to and we appreciate your patience in these times.

Walk-in appointments

Walk-ins will be allocated the first available consultation, and will usually be required to wait


Emergency appointments

All emergencies will be given priority and our practice nurse will see you at the earliest convience. If necessary the nurse will arrange for a GP consultation.

After hours and emergency care

If your injury or illness is critical or life threatening, call triple zero (000).
Patients who need care when we are not open can either phone our after-hours health service Call A Doc on 1800 225 523 or go the Kalgoorlie Hospital at 15 Piccadilly Street.
We follow up seriously abnormal and life-threatening pathology results for our patients outside our normal opening hours. 
We provide a personal in-house service on Saturday from 9am to 2pm, particularly for our patients with urgent problems, those in full-time employment, and for working parents with children.

Home Visits

Home visits are available for regular patients whose conditions prevent them from attending the surgery